Bangkok, Thailand

On the recommendtion of a friend I was using Bangkok as a jumping off point for visiting Southeast Asia. Bangkok makes a convenient travel hub, and my plan was (is) to spend time traveling around Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and possibly Laos with most of my time spent in Vietnam.

The only fixed dates are my arrival date in Bangkok, my flight to Vietnam 3 days later, and my trip home from Bangkok. How I return to Bangkok (by land or by airplane), and whether I actually visit other Cambodia or Laos, or spend much more time in Thailand will all depend on how much time I end up spending exploring Vietnam.

I’m startng to write this particular travelogue 2 weeks into my trip. Things have changed a lot since I first used Photobits.com to post about a trip I had taken to Japan, and I’ve been torn about whether to just post photos with comments on facebook, or blog to my photofits website. Facebook is great for status updates and photos with comment that people may/may not see in their feed – hopefully I can still use my website to provide a bit of a happy medium and (if I don’t slack off too much) more of an ongoing narrative of my trip.

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